Herstory Theater is a non-union, professional theater company Based in Connecticut.  We provide educational performances that are suitable (and inspirational!) for schools, museums, historic societies, libraries, and any groups who are interested in history.


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Herstory Theater’s first program, which had its debut in October, 2011, was “Panic in Connecticut; Accused Witches Have Their Say”, a one woman show about the little known witchcraft panics in 17th century Connecticut.  The show brings to life the stories of five women accused of being witches in Connecticut from 1652- 1692.  Click here for more information

"Panic in New England" - Coming Soon

"Mary Rowlandson, Indian Captive"

Another one woman show, bringing to life Mary Rowlandson, who was abducted by Narragansett Indians during the King Philip War, spent three months as their servant, and wrote the first captivity narrative which became a best seller in 1682

“Katy Leary and Mark Twain”
Katy Leary, born into an Irish-American family in Elmira, New York, served as the Clemens' maid from 1880 until Samuel Clemens' death in 1910. Leary dictated a memoir, "A Lifetime with Mark Twain," published in 1925. I have enjoyed researching and developing the irrepressible and expressive Leary, and welcome you to join her as she takes a walk down memory lane. Clemens called Leary a "potent influence all over the premises" and "a pole star for steadiness" with "a good store of that veiled & shimmering & half-surreptitious humor which is the best feature of the "˜American' brand "“ or any other brand, for that matter.”

Beyond these traveling historical performances, Herstory Theater seeks to produce plays and staged readings about known and little known women in US History, or that tell a story from a woman’s perspective.

"In a Preternatural Way:  The Witchcraft Trial of Mary Barnes"  The play that inspired "Panic in Connecticut"  In 1663, Mary Barnes of Farmington was arrested on a charge of witchcraft. Within a few weeks, she had been found guilty. Told against the background of 17th-century Puritan Connecticut, this play will offers a glimpse of one woman’s life and the time and culture in which she lived.  Increase Mather, Samuel Hooker, Samuel Wyllys, and Mary Barnes herself come to life, taken from original records of the Connecticut courts.

Performed by the Stanley-Whitman House “The Roundabout Players”

"The Waltz" a play based on the life and artistic times of Camille Claudel. 
This original work, is conceived, written and directed by local playwright Carolyn Kirsch.  The five person reading, underscored by the music of Claude Debussy, will be held in the museum's Drawing Room.  "The Waltz" explores Camille's tempestuous relationship with Auguste Rodin, her ongoing struggles to be recognized in Twentieth Century Parisian art circles, and the question of her demise into madness. A gifted sculptress, she left a magnificent artistic legacy.   

Ms. Kirsch's background includes performing in 15 Broadway shows.  She was a member of the Original Company of "A Chorus Line", and appeared in "CoCo" with Katharine Hepburn, and "Dear World" with Angela Lansbury.  This production is being presented in conjunction with Herstory Theater. 

“Pierce”, a play by Connecticut playwright Jacques Lamarre.  Franklin Pierce, the 14th President of the United States, is one of the least studied chief executives in American history. His wife, First Lady Jane Pierce, is one of the most tragic figures to ever take up residence in the White House. After unspeakable misfortunes shower down on frail Jane Pierce of Amherst, New Hampshire, she is thrust on the public stage in front of a nation about to be torn into Civil War. Can she overcome her grief to assume her duties as First Lady?

“The Guys” by Ann Nelson, a two person drama that encompasses the nightmare of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2011.  A journalist helps a fire captain write the eulogies of the men he lost on that terrible day, and in doing so, they both find redemption and some sort of peace.

As a production company, Herstory Theater is open to new shows and new ideas, and would love to hear from you!  “Like” us on Facebook to stay informed of upcoming events